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84°F at Chino Airport, CA
84°F at San Diego/Miramar Nas, CA
8°F at Mammoth/June Lakes, CA
0.11in at Alturas, CA
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NWS Climate Prediction Center 6-10 Day Wind Chill Outlook

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Lowest °F
Degree Lowest
32 °F
Degree 32
28 °F
Degree 28
20 °F
Degree 20
10 °F
Degree 10
0 °F
Degree 0
-20 °F
Degree -20
-40 °F
Degree -40

Degree Lowest

City Prediction Table by Region

These maps are automatically updated daily between 3 and 4 pm Eastern time.

Maps and Data Courtesy of NOAA NWS Climate Prediction Center Wind Chill Outlook.
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