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NOAA Weather Radio
NOAA Radio Station Callsign: KEC49
NOAA Radio Station Location: Monterey, CA
NOAA Radio Station Frequency: 162.550 MHz
Stream Provided By:
NOAA Radio KEC49 : 162.550 MHz
Monterey, CA
NOAA Radio Logo
Radio transmission courtesy of NOAA or Environment Canada.

To listen to the latest list of Weather Radio stations from across the USA and Canada click NOAAWEATHERRADIO.ORG . These feeds are provided by personal weather website owners and others though, who have graciously supplied their feeds. This website provides its feed to this service.

Monterey, CA NOAA Radio KEC49 Coverage Area

Monterey, CA Coverage Area

This Audio Stream Player is not to be used for protection of life or property. Please remember that you should NOT rely on this Internet audio to receive watches or warnings. Instead, you should have your own dedicated NOAA Weather Radio receiver which will alert you 24 hours a day to hazards in your area. This stream player is provided as a convenience and is not an authoritative source for official watches, warnings or advisories -- those should be obtained directly using your own NOAA Weather Radio receiver. Please do not rely on this page as your only source to hear NOAA radio. When you need it most, storms may cause power outages at this end. It is a good idea to mainly rely on a separate NOAA radio with battery back-up.

Note: due to streaming software delays, this audio may be behind the NOAA radio broadcast.

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